On-line Tracking

At BVL we have a global outlook for the whole logistics industry. This is why, we use software designed to organize and coordinate every aspect of a shipping. At BVL we increase productivity and improve integration, automation and communications with the supply chain. We get involved with our clients and partners business: Rationalizing proceses and increasing efficiency, visibility and profitability in operations.

One of the main advantages of working with BVL is that we offer on-line tracking of shipping. so our clients can monitor our work and have a real time notion of progress of their shipment regardless the channel, either land, sea or air. We provide access 24/7 the tracking information through our web.


Other service we offer, is periodic personalized reports on shippings, en BVL enviamos reportes de manera periódica a nuestros clientes para darles así mayor información y control sobre sus envíos.